About Me

About Me

I’m just a small person living in the UK,

I started this website on the dawn of “Black Friday 2016” where people are going to go on a massive spending spree for items they do not need, just to perfect this “image” of look at me and my stuff.

Currently, I am a cleaner in a warehouse for a notorious company who makes and sells clothes, My work life has purely shown how crazy people can be with spending and ordering online.

Due to my contract, I cannot disclose where I currently work. However, these are the places where I have previously worked:

  • Yodel (This one will have it’s own page)
  • 99p warehouse
  • Arena flowers (Moonpig)
  • Current XXXX workplace

Obviously, you can see for yourself, I believe I have enough experience in warehouses to announce the truth I have seen. Keep in mind this isn’t to rip the hell out of my previous employers but a realization to media, how it controls our spending, who profits and who loses out.