Do I really need it? (Clothes)

Shopping hauls are probably the easiest to quote here and the fast fashion industry (H+M, Zara so on, and so forth)

The fast fashion industry known for great, cheap, fashionable clothing and also death, murder, eco problems, dreadful workers rights. Did I lose something in translation?

I decided to hop on youtube type in”Shopping clothing haul fails”. Ignore the fact there’s a giggle here on the “LOL” page. (No dis to i.m.lex, many people do shopping hauls and put them on youtube. However, you have proven that companies sell’s products with known flaws, But seriously slow the shopping)

However if you have watched up to 5 minutes of the video, You will realise she said “I have a small, cause my waist ain’t that huge” But when she uploads the video the title says “I’m too fat for this!” and also to add insult to injury the thread is coming out. So we have wasted textures (not sizing up before purchase and cutting it), damage products, miss advertised products. These piece’s of fabric will end up in landfill. (Maybe she shouldn’t put adverts before her videos with a name of the video like this)

Sadly, I cannot be bothered with tweeting as she has disabled comments on the actual video.

Sexualisation, Chemicals and she oblivious to it. Conclusion even the consumer is advertising it – Where does this end?

(I got to this video via the last)

Sorry missjessicaharlow no cred on this besides the chemicals and the flaunting of your breasts. If I’m quite honest this video is a bit like LOOK LIKE ME? Erm no

So to all the farts who actually go on major clothing shopping hauls or even watches these videos please watch THE TRUE COST, As you are all participating in the destruction of a sector you love.