I’ve Seen This In a Film

Many documentaries has been made on Economy, Clothing Industry even supposedly corrupt Governments.

But nothing rings as true as this quote:

“Life is stealing from you. Literally. Surcharge by surcharge. Convenience is bleeding you dry. Nickel by nickel. Chump change. That dime you don’t even bother to bend over to pick up on the sidewalk is the same dime you get bent over for by all these services. You want to call 411, that’ll cost fifty cents. You want to actually place that call, that’ll be an additional forty-nine cents. That adds up to guys like you and me.” – Jinx

How to Rob a Bank (and 10 Tips to Actually Get Away with It)

Yes, I’m borrowing movie quotes from non-documentary films. However, the reality is convenience is costing you money.

Stay with the same car insurance company, One year later they put up the cost of your insurance for no valid reason except your not a new customer.

Stay with your gas and electricity company they are likely to screw you over

The only exception i have found is with mobile phone companies. Where you can stamp your feet and win. Unless you are stuck like me