Who loses? (Black Friday 2016)

As we are now on the dawn at 10.35 on “Black Friday”

Right now, in the UK all courier companies are on full alert and the ripple effects of todays unreadily spending will probably not be felt until 10.00pm tonight.

As an ex-yodel worker, I can officially tell you tonight is going to be hell for most couriers and if your on agency working on nights as a parcel sorter it isn’t always extra money. When I was on a temporary contract with Yodel I earned about £8.50 per hour, on agency I earned £6.70 for the same job (This is not yodels fault and did raise this with the manager and complained to the agency). Like I said there isn’t too much I don’t know about Yodel. Yes, these companies will hire additional staff but still imagine the stress of that additional work and training new staff.

So the main loser here are all courier workers, Additional workload, New staff


Seriously do you really need that smart tv or that brand new smart kitchen appliance collection?

I doubt it, Back in the old days we would replace something because it’s on its way out or has completely died. But it seems we must have all these new products, They are so heavily advertised. Yesterday Youtube, Television I started truly seeing the heavily advertised of the Xbox one and not so much PS4 however where one goes, the other follows. Then an upgrade comes out next week (Obviously this discounts ps4/xbox one)

So you are spending money on things you actually do not need. I’ll admit I brought my smart tv for the reason of the previous tv was too small for the massive bedroom I had and donated the old tv to a charity shop. I’ll admit went too far with the 40inches and that cost me as it was on finance.

But what about a product being out of stock with a massive 75% off, yes i would be angry too as black Friday is usually replacement time for appliances for me if something isn’t working right.

Then if you don’t shop online and use courier services, Imagine the possibility of bodily injury?

Another loser here, The consumer soon to be outdated products, products they don’t need but advertised as a must have (Advertising will be another page soon).

The supplier?

Yes, the supplier can be a victim too, Rich victim but still a victim.


Being sued seems the most worrying, Injuiries, brawls and even death (wal-mart sued)


Server down, Probably not the worse looking above, But it will sting the profits.

Theft, If i was going to rob a shop with cctv and sercuity i would get a distraction too, However the distraction are free bands of crazy shoppers who want the best deal, Obviously you will always have the best deal as you never paid for the product…….

Supply and demand, Says it all Massive sale = demand up.




This one day is crazy and can possibly make losses and life hard on all sides, What’s the friggin point?